6 Of Swords: Yes or No 


When faced with a yes or no inquiry and the Six of Swords appears, it signifies a resolute affirmation. It signals the moment to leave the past behind, demonstrating your readiness to release old burdens and embrace a more hopeful tomorrow. This card embodies the duality of closure and new beginnings, marking a pivotal transition in your journey.

Upright Six of Swords for Yes or No

In the upright position, the Six of Swords frequently signifies a yes answer, as it represents moving on from difficulties and transitioning to calmer waters. The image of a cloaked ferryman navigating a boat symbolizes a passage or journey toward stability after a period of struggles.

Some key upright meanings that connect to a yes include progress after delays or standstills, improving situations and renewed clarity, a forthcoming transition or physical relocation, recovery from traumatic events or uneasy emotions, and leaving behind a painful or oppressive situation.

So when asking a specific question about moving on from problems, the upright Six of Swords suggests positive forward momentum and transition. However, context is key. The card may indicate it’s too soon for major changes or you’re not quite ready to move on. Or the way forward remains somewhat foggy. Therefore, the upright Six of Swords can signify yes, but with prudence and patience required.

On the other hand, the Ace of Swords represents a breakthrough or clarity in thought, indicating a fresh perspective and mental clarity. It suggests the beginning of a new intellectual journey or the resolution of a challenging situation through clear communication and decisive action.

The Page of Swords and the Six of Swords both represent transitions, albeit in different forms.

The Page of Swords and the Six of Swords both represent transitions, albeit in different forms. The Page of Swords embodies the beginning of a journey of intellectual exploration and discovery. This card suggests a curious and inquisitive mind, eager to gather information and seek out new experiences.

Reversed Six of Swords for Yes or No

In the reversed position, the Six of Swords tends to indicate a no due to its connections with delays, resistance to change, and emotional struggles blocking progress.

Some key reversed meanings related to a no answer include stagnation and inability to move forward, confusion about next steps to take, lingering trauma, sadness, or indecision, plans disrupted or abandoned, and feeling lost in the process of transition.

So when asking a specific question regarding moving on or changing paths, the reversed Six of Swords suggests now may not be the right time and more reflection is needed before taking action. Change may still come, but the path ahead is uncertain.

Sample Yes or No Readings with the Six of Swords

Here are some examples of how the Six of Swords may provide yes or no guidance:

When a querent asks “Should I accept this new job offer?” and the Six of Swords appears with the Ace of Cups, this combination indicates a clear yes to embrace exciting new opportunities. However, if the querent asks “Is now the right time to move in with my partner?” and the reversed Six of Swords appears with the Four of Swords, caution is suggested here, likely a no due to need for more reflection and planning.

If the querent asks “Will my financial situation improve this year?” and the Six of Swords appears with the Seven of Pentacles, it signifies a hopeful yes but also recommends patience as change will come gradually through effort. Or if the querent asks “Should I end this relationship that makes me unhappy?” and the upright Six of Swords appears with Strength, it points to a likely yes to make a courageous transition, but do so compassionately.

So in the right context, the Six of Swords can provide helpful steerage towards a yes or no. But no card offers a definitive answer alone. Combining intuition with holistic Tarot readings provides the deepest guidance.

Upright and Reversed Key Takeaways

In summary, the upright Six of Swords leans towards yes, signaling change ahead, but it is not an absolute guarantee, so remaining flexible is advised. The reversed Six of Swords leans towards no, with any shift likely postponed or blocked, recommending reassessment of plans before moving forward.

In both orientations, the Six of Swords advice progress will come through introspection and expressing emotions authentically. By interpreting the card holistically in context, you can embrace its wisdom on timing transitions correctly. The Six of Swords illuminates that yes or no answers arise from within. Through inner reflection and balanced analysis of symbolic Tarot guidance, you can determine when the winds are right to set sail towards brighter horizons.

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