How To Prepare For An Online Psychic Reading


Booking an online psychic reading can be an exciting and potentially life-changing experience. However, proper preparation is key to ensuring you get the most out of your session and walk away with meaningful insights. Follow these tips to get ready both logistically and energetically for your upcoming digital reading.

Choose the Right Psychic

With countless psychics offering services through apps, chat platforms, and websites, research is critical for finding the best fit. Start by browsing customer reviews and looking for specialists in your areas of interest, like career, relationships, or mediumship. Check qualifications, credentials, and methods as well. Opt for psychics who suit your preferred reading style – phone, video, chat, or email.

Set the Space

Create a quiet, comfortable area in your home dedicated to reading. Inform housemates you need privacy and silence any nearby phones or devices. Close doors and draw curtains to eliminate noise and distractions. Make sure lighting is gentle and adjustable for video readings. Position your camera at eye level if using video chat. Bring a notebook, calendar, crystals, or other personal artifacts nearby.

Check Tech Requirements

Confirm required software, network speed, webcam functionality, and audio settings in advance. Download apps, test equipment, and ensure strong WiFi. Adjust computer or device settings for optimal streaming capacity. Position your screen to avoid glare or pixelation. Have a backup phone ready or test call numbers beforehand. Charge devices fully or plug them in.

Focus Your Intentions

Before your reading, meditate, say a prayer, or engage in spiritual rituals to focus your intentions and heighten receptivity. Formulate specific questions ahead of time around relationships, career, life purpose, personal growth, health, or other important topics. Be honest with yourself about deep concerns and desired insights. Release negativity and open your heart and mind.

Pay Attention to Timing

Some psychics recommend optimal windows based on numerology, moon cycles, or circadian rhythms. Early morning hours, for example, are believed to be powerful for clarity, direction, and manifestation. Avoid booking during emotional periods or energetically “off” times when you feel rushed, tired, or distracted.

Keep an Open Mindset

Approach your reading with curiosity rather than wishing for certain answers or outcomes. Psychic information flows optimally when you remain receptive rather than attached. Avoid trying to direct the conversation or reject initial impressions you don’t like. Stay positive, say little, and let the psychic guide the session.

Take Notes

Have paper, pen, or electronic document ready to record highlights, suggested action steps, soothing messages, and your own reflections. Note taking allows you to revisit valuable insights later when your mind may be racing in the moment. If permitted, record audio or video as well for deeper review.

Give Feedback

Good psychics will encourage feedback during the session to ensure accuracy. Politely speak up if initial interpretations don’t resonate so the psychic can self-correct and refine. You have the power to guide the reading in a meaningful direction. Share when messages feel right so the psychic gains confidence.

Avoid Tipping Your Hand

Don’t volunteer extensive personal details upfront or throughout the reading. Offer just enough to confirm the psychic’s perceptions. The more they can state correctly without your help, the more valid the reading. Beware “cold reading” tactics like flattery, vagueness, guessing games, and fishing for information.

Keep Things Positive

A reading should inspire, empower, and motivate – not leave you feeling fearful or overwhelmed. Keep the energy uplifting by focusing on solutions, not just problems. Share any disturbing impressions respectfully so the psychic can clarify or reframe. End on a hopeful note by summarizing growth opportunities.

Trust Your Instincts

Use your natural intuition to determine what resonates and what discounts wishful thinking or generalities. Suspend disbelief but don’t accept statements blindly. Ask follow-ups for more details. Discuss next steps for applying insights. Stay centered in your own truth. A talented psychic will encourage this discernment process.

Ready For The Next Step?

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